Lawn Bowling is a vibrant, dynamic, and exciting leisure activity that can be played and enjoyed by all ages. The art of the game is to be able to deliver bowls consistently close to the jack (small target ball) which is usually over a distance of 75 to 115 feet away.

The game can be played as SINGLES, or in teams of PAIRS (2 players per side), TRIPLES (3 players), or FOURS (a team of four is also known as a rink). In the teams games, each member has a particular role to play.

The normal game formats are as follows:

In SINGLES, the two opponents deliver four bowls alternately. The first to reach 21 points is the winner.

In PAIRS, the players deliver four bowls each alternatively against their opposing team. The team scoring the most points after 18 ends is the winner.

In TRIPLES, the lead, second, and skip deliver three bowls each alternatively against their opposing team, for 18 ends.

In FOURS: The first to play or lead, rolls out the jack (target ball) and attempts to bowl as close to it as possible. The second plays after the lead. This player is also responsible for keeping score. The third may be called upon to play different types of shots in order to score more, or to place bowls tactically to protect an advantage. The skip is in overall charge of the team. He or she directs the other players on choice of shots and rolls the last shot for the team with the mission of building the head of the bowls to the team’s advantage.

However, in the game of BOWLS, there are many permitted variations. Matches may be men only, women or mixed. Like most sports, the game is reasonably simple to play but demands determination, concentration, and practice to play consistently well.