WPLBC COVID-19 Information

Before your first visit in the COVID-19 era, please read this PDF of our COVID-19 safety plan. It will tell you what you need to do when you visit, and how we set up and play our games as safe as possible.

The main points:

If you keep 6′ distance, the current mask order does not require wearing a mask. But if your opponent asks you to do so, it is the polite thing to do.

If you are possibly ill, do not come to the facility.

If you are at the club while others are at the club, give yourself room to play. That includes leaving a rink or lane between your group and any other group that happens to be at the court.

Follow signage throughout the facility.  That is the most up to date safety information we have.  We will keep the signs current as guidelines change.

Keep group sizes to 5 people or less until further notice.

Use the sign-in sheet to record your visit.  Draw a box around your group so our sign-in sheets can be used for contact tracing.

The clubhouse is closed except to make sanitizing solution, logging your visit, using the bathroom or turning the light on for the upper green.  No table tennis.  No meetings in the clubhouse.